Struts Validation Framework

When you are implementing Struts based application you need to implement some code to validate the input(incoming) data.We can validate the input data by overriding validate() method in FormBean class. more >>

Struts Tiles Tutorial

Tiles is used to create reusable presentation components.Consider an example of web application whose web page layout has a header, body and footer part...
more >>

Database Connection in Struts

In this example, we are going to create a registration form using struts Framework and store these information into the mysql database. You can use other database also such as oracle, DB2 etc. according to your requirement more >>

Declarative Exception Handling in Struts

In this approach the exceptions are caught using normal java language try/catch block.In this approach the flow of control is also maintained by the programs. The main drawback of the approach is the developer has to write the code for the flow of the application more >>

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